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The Town of Hoax - Chapter 5

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

“So Johnny, what you are saying, is that my dad and your dad are hiding a secret from us???” Noah asks me, surprised “Yah.” I reply trying to think what we are going to do.


Chapter 5 The Plan

“So Johnny, what you are saying, is that my dad and your dad are hiding a secret from us???” Noah asks me, surprised “Yah.” I reply trying to think what we are going to do. “Let's go walk outside. My mom says that it helps you think.” Natasha suggests. Noah and I agree to Natasha’s suggestion.

As we walk outside a cold gust of wind blows by. Then, it struck me. “Guys! I think the factory is not what we think it is, I think it is something different. All those notes on mine and Noah’s Dad's wall, the tablets, Dad turning the wrong way, and Noah getting sick at the basketball game must be all from the factory!”

“That could be kind of true.” Noah replies to my long statement.

“There is only one way to find out. Meet me at my house at 7 PM sharp!” Natasha tells while running back to her house. Me and Noah nod at each other and rush home.

Macaroni and Cheese, my least favorite meal. I stare at my plate as I sit with my dad on the dining table. My dad gives me a harsh glare, “Johnny! Quit fussing and start eating!” He yells. I forcefully lift up my fork and start digging in my bowl. Ever since my mom died, being in the house felt like an obligation. The fact that my Dad is not a relatively good guy adds to the problem a whole lot more. “I need some sleep, do whatever you want except going outside.” He says yawning. I nod and dad leaves for the bedroom. I pick up my bowl and bring it to the sink to wash. As I am walking back I notice the time on the grandfather clock that lies in the hall, 6:55. Forgetting about what my dad said, I grab my coat and run to Natasha’s house.

I reach Natasha’s house and ring the doorbell. “Ding dong!” Natasha opens the door holding a big piece of white construction paper. “Come in,” Natasha says. I walk in to see color pencils, pens, and pencils on the floor. “What are you doing?” I ask Natasha, confused. “Ding Dong!” Natasha runs back to the door and opens it. “Hi Noah.” I hear Natasha say. “Hi.” Noah replies. “What’s all this?” Noah says looking down onto the floor where all the colors are. “Oh ya. Let me explain.” Natasha says “I am making a plan to break into the factory.”

“TO WHAT!!!” Noah yells as he shifts through the stationary.

“Be quiet.” I whisper to Noah. “Natasha’s parents must be sleeping.”

“Actually, my parents are still at work.” Natasha tells me and Noah, “They come home late in the night.”

“Ok. Back to the topic on BREAKING INTO THE FACTORY! Oh, the humanity!”

“Anyway,” Natasha says, starting to explain the plan “We go there at 8 o’clock, 30 minutes from now, when we get there we climb the gates. If there are any weapons, grab them, Find an open hatch and climb inside. Once we are inside, quietly walk around the factory. I will carry my camera to take pictures. We will get out the same way we got in.”

“Wait, we are doing a 30 minute sleepover right now!” Noah says with excitement “Yes,” Natasha replies.

The clock strikes 8. We jump up like kangaroos as the alarm bell echoes through the living room. We run towards the door quietly as a ninja and escape in the starry night for our prey.

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