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The Town of Hoax - Chapter 1

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Nothing could go wrong in Plaza town, New Hampshire. That’s what Johnny Pegs, Noah Decos, and Natasha Oda thought. After bumping into a factory which supplies the town’s profit by selling light bulbs, the 3 kids' minds and hearts are shaken. Is this town really peaceful, or is it all a set for the most sinistar scheme ever?


Chapter 1, Wrong way

“Johnny, I think I found it!” yelled my best friend, Noah Decos. “What?!?” I yell back. My friend, Natasha Oda and I rush to see what Noah found. “Wow!” Natasha says enthusiastically. “This is the bottle cap I lost 3 years ago!”

I grab the bottle cap and rush back home. Noah and Natasha follow me there. I open a rusted cabinet and pull out a time capsule. My friends and I have been working on this for a few months. We plan to put it in the park for our future generations to find and learn about us. I put the bottle cap in. Just then Natasha holds my shoulder and tells me “Let's head to the park.” I and Noah agree.

We head outside to see my dad brushing red leaves fallen from the overhanging White Oak Tree. “Can you take us to the park?” I ask Dad. “Sorry, but no, the middle school called me to set up the gym for tomorrow's basketball game.” “Oh.” I replied disappointedly. Few moments later, Dad gets into the car and leaves the making red leaves color the driveway. As Dad’s car goes away Natasha points her finger to the opposite side Johnny’s Dad left towards “Isn’t the school this way?”

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