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The Chosen One - Chapter 2

Will Ray ever be able to stop Ace now that five days have already passed?


Chapter 2


Five days passed like winds blowing leaves off the trees. This made Ray even more scared as it was coming near the time where Ace was going to leave on a journey that may just kill him or it will leave him suffering with injuries. This was the worst but only thing Ray could actually even think of.

“I have to make a plan to stop him,” Ray thought. “Wait, this was a serious RSI “ ( Really Stupid Idea)”. But once again this was the only way Ace could be stopped. Ray thought of multiple plans, however only one made sense: finding a way inside Ace’s room and stealing his weapons and getting on Ace’s horse and finding the Almighty Great Golden Sword. Now you might be thinking, isn't this the type of plan that they do in comics or movies? However this was actually the plan that Ray was thinking about putting into action. No wonder Ray was only 9 and a half years old. This was the plan that started tonight.

9:30 PM “Time to start the action” Ray thought. Ray first got out of the house and found Ace’s window all the at the top of the house. Ray started to climb up as fast as he could but also as quiet as could. This was Ray’s chance to shine but, this was also Ray’s chance to fall all the way to the hard ground. “Not now, I got all the way up here just a few more seconds and I could have gotten to his window by now”, Ray started to fall head first.

This was the worst thing that could happen right now, But this was also the best thing now because it gave Ray a chance for Ray to practice his fall landing. Ray fell really fast, but to slow down, he created friction with his feet against the wall and that gave him enough to flip and land softly on his feet making almost no noise at all. Then he climbed all the way back to Ace’s window with no problem this time.

He slowly opened the window super slowly and he made sure to not make any creaks with the window and he quietly jumped in. He saw everything, the armor, the helmet, the bow and the arrows. After he got all of this and jumped down, he realized that something was missing. He looked at everything and thought for a moment. That was when he realized the sword was missing, He ran over to the sharpening area and picked the sword , got the radio just in case for any weather changes. Then he found Ace’s horse Blitz and got on top of him.

Then he realized that the true journey was just starting and also how he had stopped his brother. Just then the sun creaked up and Ray and Blitz sped away extremely fast.

Now they together were headed towards their first destination: The Moon Village. This one of the most odd villages ever. Known for having their first ancestors come from the moon. They held prayers every full moon. They also could possess just about anything. They are also believed to be able to live 500 years. Ray thought that these people could help him in his journey. So, that was where he was headed.

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