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The Chosen One - Chapter 1

Will anyone ever even get to know what the Sword In The Stone means since it is guarded with mysterious things throwing ninja stars to prevent anyone from even getting a bit close to stone without dying?


Chapter 1 : UNLUCKY

A large crowd had gathered around the king's palace waiting for the door to open so they all could get their answers. But Little Ray was still struggling to see anything other than the back of people's legs. Weaving through the crowd as fast he could, Ray finally got to the front to see the ginormous mansion of the king. Shimmering with gold and shining white paint, the sun’s reflection was so bright on it that most people had to duck their heads away until a tree finally blocked the light. The whole crowd murmured until the large wooden doors slammed open. The king majestically walked out with about a dozen guards dressed neatly in red jackets walking right behind the king.

Then a reporter blurted out “ what's with the giant rock in the forest with that golden sword sticking out of it? The king gave a small sigh and started talking “ Well I want everyone to listen, I am only going to take 3 questions and if the question is not worthy then I shall not answer it but it will still count as a question. Now I will answer your question ( he pointed at the reporter )” after a slight pause he resumed talking “ We have sent soldier after soldier trying to find out what it is, however no soldier has ever returned, they probably died by one of those flying ninja stars that shoot out of everywhere. Now I am not sending any more soldiers in risk of losing all of them. However none have figured out what the sword means. NEXT “

Little Ray sadly trotted back to his house to tell his father the bad news once again. Ray’s father Griffin was hurt from an injury that prevented his left leg from walking anymore. His older brother Ace had to look after him and his mother Heather had to cook lots of food for him, Ray slowly and sadly blurted out the news to his father. “ It's not bad news,” his father said. “ Why?” said Ray “ Well, because it does not matter to us it will just be better to hear what the sword means because at least everybody will get to know something good.”

Then Ace said “ in a week I’m going to go and see the golden sword for myself”. Ray’s eyes widened. “ NO DON'T “ Ray screamed at him. “ Well too bad, I’m going, but always remember this: I will come back successfully” Ace said. “ Well what do you mean successfully?” Ray said right back to him. “ I mean that I will come back alive and well,” Ace answered. “ Now I don’t think I have anything that will stop Ace from going do I, and certainly there is no way that Ace without either dying or getting seriously hurt and injured and having to suffer for the rest of his life just like dad” Ray thought as he went to bed. Then a loud clang of a sword came and Ray widely opened his eyes to listen. All of a sudden Ray heard the sharpening of a sword and Ace grunting.