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Chris Flame - Chapter 2

Updated: Feb 19

The noise kept going until dad had to go upstairs to see what had happened. It felt like an eternity until dad came back down. His face was pale.

“Hey, uh, can I speak with you?” Dad said, gesturing his hand towards mom. Their conversation lasted some time, and they both looked pale-faced again.


  1. The Unknown Secret

  2. Secrets Revealed

  3. Capture the Flag

  4. Special?

  5. Six?


Chapter 2: Secrets Revealed

The noise kept going until dad had to go upstairs to see what had happened. It felt like an eternity until dad came back down. His face was pale.

“Hey, uh, can I speak with you?” Dad said, gesturing his hand towards Mom. Their conversation lasted some time, and they both looked pale-faced again.

“Is, uh, there a problem?” I said.

“Yeah, no, not really,” Mom responded.

“We might need you for a second,” Dad said.

“Okay, sure,” I said cautiously. Dad took me upstairs, and I heard Sam and Veronica talking downstairs. The noise was growing louder with each step I took.

“Go inside,” Dad said, pointing towards the restroom door.

“Um, sure,” I replied.

When I got inside, Dad said, “I have to lock you in. I just have to. Sorry!”

“Wait, HOLD ON!” But it was too late. I heard a click of a lock and then silence. I tried to get out, but I heard a noise behind me. I spun around to see a dark, crooked face in front of me.

I screamed, “DAD! MOM! SAM! VERONICA! HELP!” But no one responded. This thing smelled like rotten cheese and a dead mouse. I had to deal with this ‘disgusting thing’ by myself. I threw a punch at it, but it dodged out of the way. It got out this enormous sword with weird symbols and swung it at me. Fortunately, I had enough time to duck down.

Then, this super unnatural thing happened to me. I first glowed with green light, then red light. I felt hot, and then a fireball appeared in the palm of my hand. I was too astonished to move and forgot about the ‘disgusting thing.’ It swung the sword at me again, but when it made contact with me, it ignited with flames and turned to ashes. Sadly, it broke a cabinet nearby. Mom will be so mad at me!

The ‘disgusting thing’ looked around and tried to run, but I flung the fireball at it, and it turned to ashes. But I did something unexpected, and the ‘disgusting thing’ came back. I realized I duplicated it, so I killed it as easy as pie with another fireball. It took me some time to recover from the amazement of my powers until I finally tried to unlock the door. Well, let's just say, blow the door. My parents and friends were waiting downstairs, looking anxious at me when I got down.

“How did it go?” Veronica asked calmly.

“Fine. I got this blue light, and I shot some fireballs at that thing, and its sword turned to ashes, and I accidentally duplicated it, killed it again, and almost died. Yeah, that sounds fine to me.”

“So, you got the power,” Mom said.


“We will send you to the school later,” Sam said.

“We already discussed it, ” Dad said.

“What school?”

“You will see, ” Veronica said.


It turns out the school was massive. It looked like 100 million castles together. There were pointed tips on each turret and multiple guards.

“Well, we will leave you three to that,” Dad said.

“What? Three of us?” I asked.

“Yes. You, Sam, and Veronica are all going. You all have powers,” Mom replied.

“You never told me that!” I gulped.

“Well, we do have powers, I have a force field that protects me from other powers, just like a shield, and I can control the elements. Sam can fly, and he has this poison sword that can kill instantly,” Veronica declared.

“You have the rarest power a beginner can get, flame resistance and firepower, and a duplicating power, ” Sam said.

“Wow, ” I shrank down.

“Enough talking, school is about to start, ” Dad insisted. We walked to the school, and a teacher greeted us.

“Hello, Hello! Oh, welcome back, Ugran. Oh hi! Hello, Nice to see you again, Elios! Hello! Good morning!”

“She’s Mrs. Grandoll, the funny ‘Control Your Power’ teacher,” Veronica said.

“Hello! Welcome to another year at Paladin PowerSchool!” a man said.

“He is our principal, Mr. Howgat. He’s nice,” Sam said, solemnly.

“Now, our new students, please sit at this table,” Mr. Howgat said, pointing at a table near the door.

“For the new students, we have houses: Red House, Blue House, Green House, and Yellow House. Now, I will call students to wear this waistband to see what house they will get in. Adam Cornell, come up,” Mr. Howgat said. It took some time till he called my name, “Chris Flame, please come up.”

The waistband started singing music, as it did to the other students, and announced, “Chris Flame is in the Red House!” Applauds filled the air, and I sat at the table marked RED HOUSE. I saw two figures running toward me, and I realized it was Sam and Veronica!

“Wait, are you in the Red House?” I implored.

“Yes, we both are,” Sam responded.

“Let us begin our feast!” Mr. Howgat said. I turned and looked around our table. Piles and piles of food were on our table. Potatoes, french fries, steak, eggs, salmon, rice, jello, ice cream, scallops, and much more I couldn’t even count! I was packed full after eating, and Sam showed me the boy's domain of Red House.

“Tomorrow’s another day, ” Sam said.

“Yes, ” I agreed.


After breakfast, I went to Fighting Class. The teacher partnered me up with this kid named Nathan Inoral. I battled him and won quickly with a fireball. I always win with those. Nathan didn’t have time to react to the fireball. It came at him and got him in flames. The nurse had to take him to the school’s hospital.

“I have seen some mistakes you should not have made, let me demonstrate to you! Chris, come up.” Mrs. Welch said. I looked back at Sam and Veronica, and they both gave me a thumbs up.

“Here, I will give you the power of the poison sword for a few minutes. ” Mrs. Welch touched the tip of my forehead, then I felt a surge of energy, and a sword popped out of thin air.

“Pretend I am an enemy, and the people who have poison sword power, pay attention. Chris, try to attack me, the best sword fight you can do, ” Mrs. Welch said. I did what she said. I swung the sword towards Mrs. Welch, but she dodged out of the way and used her poison sword to try and hit me, but I was too fast to fall for that. I quickly turned around and deflected her poison sword and bent down to hit her knees, but she blocked that one. Then, I retreated backward and threw my sword at her but parried it with a big clank! That was part of my plan, to make her think I was weaponless, but I had managed to duplicate it two times, so I had two swords in my hands. Mrs. Welch was surprised by my act, though I didn’t waste any time. I swung one sword at her side, but she averted it.

While she was busy deflecting, I threw the other sword at her other side, it would've hit her, but she stopped it in mid-air with telekinesis and said, “Wow, I am impressed by your play, Chris. You would have won this battle and defeated me if I hadn’t stopped it.” Mrs. Welch said.

I was embarrassed by the praise, so I only murmured, “Thanks.”

“I should have chosen another person to demonstrate for me because Chris did nothing wrong. Although, I can tell you what I got wrong. First, I should not have. . . ”


“That was extremely good!” Sam congratulated me.

“Definitely, ” Veronica agreed.

“Thanks,” I replied. I looked at Veronica and Sam.

Veronica looked at Sam and asked, “You know, right?”

“Yep, ” Sam said.

“What are you thinking?” I asked.

“I’m thinking … I want you on my team in Capture the Flag on Friday!”

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