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Chris Flame - Chapter 9

Updated: Feb 19

We didn’t finish our quest. Not yet at least. We went to Chicago to find ourselves staring at another huge airport.


  1. The Unknown Secret

  2. Secrets Revealed

  3. Capture the Flag

  4. Special?

  5. Six?

  6. Suspect

  7. Life or Death

  8. The Warning

  9. Wind Time!


Chapter 9: Wind Time!

We didn’t finish our quest. Not yet, at least. We went to Chicago to find ourselves staring at another huge airport.

“Hopefully we won’t see any monsters here!” Jonah joked. We (finally, after three hours!) found the exit. Yes, yes. I know. You are probably asking: OMG! It took you guys three hours! What took you so long?! The answer is I. Don’t. Know. What I was thinking is that there was some monster, trying to trick us into not finding an exit in the airport. Like, we went everywhere - literally. I even remembered the whole airport! (According to my calculations, it took us two whole trips around the airport to find the exit. Exciting.) I was guessing this because when I saw the sign ‘Exit >’ it changed to darkness, then into a sign like this ‘< Exit’ so we ended up going to the wrong place, over and over. Until Rey brought up the idea of not doing what the sign said. We first didn’t agree and kept on walking around the airport. But then we realized we walked back to the same place where we started.

“Alright, smarty Rey! Let’s see if you're correct. I bet you a diamond if you are right,” Veronica teased.

“I double that,” Jonah perked up.

“I triple that,” I betted.

“Then Chris will be paying all the money,” Sam smiled. We all laughed at that.

“Alright, let’s test my plan!” Rey marched off to an ‘< Exit’ sign and walked right instead of left. What we saw blew our minds. Okay, yeah, not that dramatic, but hey! We got out of the airport. We called a taxi to take us to McDonald’s to eat lunch. We got four big macs, one cheeseburger, and a bunch of fries.

“Shouldn’t we be riding in a Lambo with a chauffeur, ten golden Bugattis at our side to protect us, and a million-dollar pizza with golden sauce?” Jonah mumbled.

“Nah,” I laughed. It was a great thought though. We ate lunch and set off to find what we needed. Honestly, I was thinking that I was leading my friends to their death. Sad. Even though I looked confident, I didn’t know where I was going. For some reason, my legs had a brain of their own. I walked and walked, not even knowing where I was going. I went to a train station and waited there for the train.

“Uh, do you know where we are going?” Sam asks.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“Then why are we here?” Jonah questioned me.

“I don’t know. My legs just go where they want. Can’t change that.” They stopped talking after that. About half an hour later, the train arrived. We got our tickets and got aboard. I didn’t even know where the train would take us. After an hour or so, the train stopped and we got off. We saw lots of skyscrapers and buildings as tall as the Statue Of Liberty.

“Are we going to go through all those buildings? Or are we going to follow Chris’ magic leg stuff?” Rey laughed.

“Probably the second choice.” Veronica smiled. I put up a thumbs-up sign to show that she was correct. I kept walking into a building named ‘Tribune Tower’ and told the person at the front desk to let us go to the top floor. He said we needed a parent with us. We all looked at Jonah. He winked and we walked out. We found a private place Jonah could transform into an adult. After Jonah looked like an adult, we walked back into the building and asked the front desk person again. He asked where the other person (Not-Adult-Jonah) was. We said he got sick and his family drove him back home. He finally allowed us to go up to the top floor and we went.

“Well, that took long enough!” Jonah transformed back into a kid.

“Yep,” Sam agreed. The elevator made a ding sound and we walked out. We didn’t see anything special except for the fact that there was a container of wind. At least that is what it said. There was a table with a container as small as a mouse and it was labeled ‘DO NOT TOUCH! Wind container!’ And of course, a million monsters were protecting it. Yay. Life is great.

“Oooo-kay. Let’s fight stuff!” Rey screamed. We all charged at all the monsters, hacking and slashing and using our powers to kill. Deadly. I made Hack sword form and I ordered him to kill those monsters. I threw a million fireballs and used telekinesis to drop some monsters off the building. A miserable death for them. We sliced and killed all the baby monsters. Yes. Baby. There were giants, weird-looking monsters, and a million huge ones. The monsters advanced on us and pushed us away from the container. We kept on slashing and killing them over and over. But the more we killed, it felt like they kept on coming. I figured that the big monster in the back was doing nothing to help the small monsters. HE must be the one who was making the monsters come back to life.

“Guys! Attack the enormous boy in the back!” I shouted. They all obeyed. We ran towards the tremendous dude and ignored the small guys. The small dudes’ hearts were probably breaking. Wait. That was a good thing. We all attacked the monstrous guy and used all our might. But nothing happened.

“Find the weak spot!” Sam screamed.

“That is already in our minds!” Rey got another arrow and shot the monster.

“Not a good time for joking, guys!” Veronica attacked the monster. The eye. I mean, that is always the weak spot, right? Not this time. I told Hack to go hit the eye of the monster but he came back crestfallen.

“Not working,” Hack said.

“It’s fine, buddy, attack the smaller monsters,” I told him.

“At least that won't make me sad,” Hack flew off to kill the monsters. Maybe the mouth? I told Rey to shoot an arrow in his mouth. That worked well. He turned into dust and all the other monsters stopped coming back to life. Sam grabbed the container but that was a terrible idea. It electrified him and he flew off the building.

“SAM!” I screamed.

“Fine! Fine, I am flying my way back!” Sam yelled. I focused on the small monsters. Maybe we had to kill the small ones first. I threw some more fireballs and used telekinesis. In a matter of seconds, all the monsters were gone. Rey went to grab the container and voilà! It worked! We grabbed the container and met Sam at the bottom.

“I missed all the fun,” Sam protested.

“Nothing to worry about.” I slapped him on the back.

“I believe there is something to worry about,” a voice came from behind.

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