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Chris Flame - Chapter 3

Updated: Feb 19

Veronica tells me to protect our flag from other opponents. I heard the whistle, which meant the game had started. I instantly hear a noise behind me. I turn around, and I see one of the Greenhouse people. Man! That person can teleport! I bring out a fireball and hit him smack in the chest with one. He falls back and drops the flag. It instantly comes back to the flag spawning spot.


  1. The Unknown Secret

  2. Secrets Revealed

  3. Capture the Flag

  4. Special?

  5. Six?


Chapter 3: Capture the Flag

Veronica told me to protect our flag from other opponents. I heard the whistle, which meant the game had started. I instantly heard a noise behind me. I turned around, and I saw one of the Greenhouse people. Man! That person could teleport! I brought out a fireball and hit him square in the chest with one. He fell back and dropped the flag. It instantly came back to the flag spawning spot.

“Ha! Our flag is not getting stolen as long as I’m here!” I screamed at him. He teleported somewhere else. I then heard two people in the bushes. Yellow House. One had a fire spear, and another had a poisoned sword. The person with the poison sword flew up in the sky while the other came charging at me. I threw a fireball at the flying guy and didn't care about the other. Little did he know, I was immune to fire. The guy fell from the sky above the other person who was about to stab me. He stabbed me, but it didn’t hurt. The flames bounced off me and fell on the other two people. They started to scream and ran towards the river to cool off. Sam came back from the raging battle outside and glanced at our flag.

“Still safe?” he asked.

“Yes, ” I reported. Sam nodded and ran back to the outraging battle. Then I saw this massive load of Blue House kids coming towards me.

“Attack!” One of them screamed. Three kids came at me, but I hit them all with fireballs. Four kids tried to steal the flag, but I fired at them, and they were set on fire. The rest came at me, and I could tell they had a plan. I tried to hit them all with fireballs, but the rest pushed me to the ground and toward our flag. The kid who screamed ‘Attack’ was staring right at me.

“Ha! What can you do now? Look at me, getting your flag, nothing to stop me! HAHAHAHA!” Then, he took the flag and waved it back and forth in front of my face. I got so mad that something started happening to me. I glowed with light, but this time blue light. I then made all the Blue House kids levitate in the air. Telekinesis! The person with the flag dropped it and appeared back in its spawning spot. The two people holding me were so astonished that they dropped me.

“So, let's see what you can do now. And wouldn’t it be nice to get a little bit hot?” I teased.

“Please, mercy, don’t burn us!” They answered. Then I saw Veronica come running with the blue team's flag in her hands. She was smiling until she saw me and the Blue House, people. Her mouth opened wide in an ‘O’ shape.

“That’s what happens to people when they don’t listen, ” I said. Almost the whole Red House was here now, gaping at what I did. Green House came running to us, trying to steal our flag, and they saw what I did.

“Uh, these kids have too little weight. I might need more from you, Green House. We have stolen Yellow and Blue flags. Do you want that to happen to you?” Then we all heard a screaming sound behind us. Sam and some other guys were running to us, the Green’s flag held firmly in Sam’s hand.

The whistle blew three times, and Mr. Howgat said, “And our winner is … THE RED HOUSE!” Cheers and applauds rang in our ears outside. I finally got to drop down the Blue House’s kids.

I heard a murmuring from the Green House, “I told you to protect the flag!” A boy said to nine other people.

“Sorry,” they all said, heads down.

“Well, do better next time!”

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