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Chris Flame - Chapter 17

Updated: Jul 22

Veronica, Jonah, and Sam both stared at us, jaw slightly opened.

“Sooo, we just did all that stuff for nothing?” Sam said.

“I mean, it was kinda weird how Mr. Howgat just let us do this because of a story.” Veronica said. “Nevermind that, we need to get another tooth from Orgos. The right tooth. ”

“Uhg. It would be much easier if there wasn’t a time limit!” Jonah complained.


  1. The Unknown Secret

  2. Secrets Revealed

  3. Capture the Flag

  4. Special?

  5. Six?

  6. Suspect

  7. Life or Death

  8. The Warning

  9. Wind Time!

  10. Fun Fall

  11. Smells Like the Ocean

  12. Baby Shark, Die, Die, Die, Die, Die

  13. Relax? No.

  14. Five Remaining: Pothenisutha

  15. ZAP! Oops. Sorry. Made it bigger.

  16. Who's Doom?

  17. The Truth


Chapter 17: The Truth.

Veronica, Jonah, and Sam both stared at us, jaw slightly opened.

“Sooo, we just did all that stuff for nothing?” Sam said.

“I mean, it was kinda weird how Mr. Howgat just let us do this because of a story.” Veronica said. “Nevermind that, we need to get another tooth from Orgos. The right tooth. ”

“Uhg. It would be much easier if there wasn’t a time limit!” Jonah complained.

“Guys! I just thought of something! It is kind of weird how Mr. Howgat just let us do this long quest because of a story! He didn’t even ask for proof!” Sam perked up. Now that I just thought of it, it did kind of sound weird. “So that could mean everything he did is fake! No other principal would do that type of thing because they need evidence that it is true!”

“Maybe he is so powerful that he can just know it is a true story.” Jonah thought. Jonah doesn’t go to this school, so I assume is is just guessing. The more I thought of it, the more it sounded ridiculous.

“So what? When we get back to our school, the time limit would already be ended.” Rey said.

“But remember, all of this could be fake! So that means the time limit can be fake!” Sam insisted. I opened my mouth to say something, but suddenly, a thought came to my mind. If this is all fake, is Eva fake? Is Eva just a hologram that Mr.Howgat made? Is Eva my actual sister or a fake person that never existed? I must have felt dazed because my friends snapped me into existence.

“Chris? Hello! Chris! Oh. What happened?” Rey asked.

“No. No. This is all real. It has to be. Eva has to be real!” My sudden outburst made my friends jump back in surprise.

“For your information, Eva is real. But most of the rest is fake.” Came a gruff voice behind them.

“Mr.Howgat?!” All of us except Jonah exclaimed.

“Oh, um. Hi? Wait no - MR.HOWGAT! OH MY GOSH IT’S YOU! ITS NICE TO SEE YOU??” Jonah caught up with us, “wait, is he a bad guy or a good guy? From my calculations, he is bad so- HEY! YOU ARE A BAD GUY- YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!”

“Oh, Jonah, as funny as ever,” Mr.Howgat chuckled.

“Wait. How do you know my name, bad dude?” Jonah raised an eyebrow.

“Oh. You don’t recongize me from the start? Probably from the mask and the voice transmitter. I am your dad, Jonah. ” Mr.Howgat said. A look of pure hatred formed on Jonah’s face. On the other hand, his dad has a look of pride and a caring look.

“No. You are not my dad. Dad’s don’t try to tear their kids into shreds of meat when they do something nice. They don’t try to stab us with a knife when kids get invited to a birthday party. I f you weren’t human, I’d be dead by now. If I didn’t realize my powers when I was 7, I’d be dead by now. I also won’t let you achieve your goal to destroying the world. The world was ment to be lived on, not destroyed by a human idiot who tried to kill his own son.” Jonah’s sudden change of heart all shocked us all.

“Jonah, you don’t understand, the feeling of destroying the world, it is better than happy!”

“No, idiot. I understand. All I understand is that only stupid idiot humans want to destroy the world and their son.”

“FINE! I will kill you after I reveal my master plan! You will rue the day you first met me!”

“I already rue the day I first met you.” Jonah said boredly.

“Arg! ENOUGH! I shall reveal my master plan, because everybody should die out knowing how smart my plan is! It took me three whole years! Here we go.

“I made technology overpowered, and I am basically invincible. Instead of your lame powers, I have technology to help me overcome the world and destroy it! My first step was to use the Invisibility chip and I attached it into a small hole I cut in my ear. This made me invisible to you people because you can only detect people who have powers, not normal human geniuses that makes AI look like an ant. I then used my sleep taser to taze your real Mr.Howgat. Since he is pretty powerful, It took me sometime to beat him with the tasar and just gave up. Instead of my cheap taser, I used my legendary one time use slow killing process chip and stuck it in his chest right after I used my freeze chip. Then, I stuck two ends of a wire, but not any wire, a stealing power wire. So now I have all of his powers, and instead of him being a powerist, I have the powers. He is now stuck in the chambers of Lagex Prison. I made him a big proirity so if anyone lets him escape, their going to deal with me. Plus getting in the Lagex Prison is hard, and Mr.Howgats cell has a 16-character passphrase that changes every minute. Oh, I forgot to mention- the time limit is real and in 4 days, your mighty - now not mighty - principal will be dead!”

“Where is the Lagex Prison?” I asked.

“Oh, its on the outskirts of Askar. Also known as the Power Land. And by the fastest means of travel, it would take you 10 days to reach him. So, good luck trying to save him. HAHA. Wait. That sounded better in my head.”

“Well, in five seconds, you won’t have a head!” Jonah sneered and lunged towards his dad. Instead of choking him to death, his dad just flicked his wrist and Jonah stopped there in mid-air.

“What are you doing? I don’t understand! Please don’t hurt him!” Came a little voice to the left. I turned around, and so did the others. There was a little girl, with a small teddy bear. She had blue eyes, a red shirt and black hair.

“Well. I must get going! Nice to meet you all! Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you- everything about Oreo the giant and all of those are fake. And the prophecy. Oh! One more thing - Please call me by my real name - Adamnor! Bye! Toodleyoop!” Adamnor - or fake Mr. Howgat - or Jonah’s dad, said, and he suddenly vanished. Jonah fell down to the floor with thud. Veronica and Sam went to check if Jonah was OK and Rey and I turned to the new girl.

“How much did you hear?” Rey asked.

“En-n-nough to know th-that powers are real. I’m just shaken up from that other mean guy. It usually takes a-a minu-t-te or two.” The girl said.

“Okay, uhm. What is your name?” I questioned the new girl.

“Its Fecty. But I want my name to be Raxexy because that is my favorite comic character!” Fecty perked up, “But my brother hates the comic. I don’t know why,” she said, pointing towards a dumpster. That was when I saw a shadow come out of the back of the dumpster.

“Fecty! I told you to wait until they leave!” The boy looked like he was three or four more years older than his sister, “But instead you screamed at the top of your lunges, showing them our location! Arrrg! Nevermind, we are already caught. Jorge and Alice will be so mad!”

“Sorry. But Jorge and Alice aren’t even our parents! Besides, we can go with them to play!”

“Yeah. Uh-huh. People have powers so they can give idiot girls a magic show.”

“Uhg. Your so mindless.”


“I-” The brother began.

“Stop it. You guys can’t come with us.” I said sternly.

“Chris. They actually might have to come with us. They know that we have powers, and that girl, no offense, will probably blurt it out to other people.” Veronica said smartly.

“Yeah! I wan’t to go on an adventure, right Aaron?” Fecty jumped in joy. After ten minutes of arguing, they were finally ready to set off to save their principal.

“Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!” Fecty said happily.

“Did anyone ever teach you how to shut up?” Aaron mumbled under his breath. They were just leaving the dumpster area, trying to think of a new plan to get to Mr. Howgat when suddenly, BAM! Then, everything went black.

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