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Chris Flame - Chapter 15

Updated: Jul 21

We had five days left. I don’t even know if we have enough time to stop Orgos and his boss, get past the so-called ‘Beast’ and do some other boring stuff. Hoping we don’t die during the process.


  1. The Unknown Secret

  2. Secrets Revealed

  3. Capture the Flag

  4. Special?

  5. Six?

  6. Suspect

  7. Life or Death

  8. The Warning

  9. Wind Time!

  10. Fun Fall

  11. Smells Like the Ocean

  12. Baby Shark, Die, Die, Die, Die, Die

  13. Relax? No.

  14. Five Remaining: Pothenisutha

  15. ZAP! Oops. Sorry. Made it bigger.


Chapter 15: ZAP! Oops. Sorry. Made it bigger.

We had five days left. I don’t even know if we have enough time to stop Orgos and his boss, get past the so-called ‘Beast’ and do some other boring stuff. Hoping we don’t die during the process.

As we soared through the darkening sky, I wondered if Snake island was actually dangerous or not. I mean, it could be a kid’s puppet show towards us. Or it can be a life killer. My parents used to say ‘Life is like a piece of string. If you get cut by something, life slowly fades away’. I still don’t know what it means. But after figuring out all the things I am, I slowly get to understand it. I think about the first time I killed a monster. It was the monster I called the ‘disgusting thing’. I should really make up a name for him. Maybe Little Black Riding Hood. Or maybe Super easy to kill monster. Either way, it fits him. I felt Oliver’s speed slowed down a little bit. Shoot. Does that mean we are here? I look down and see a small Island.

“So, this is a little small island, no harm walk-” I stammered when we got a better view of this island. So many monsters. I have never seen any of them. They look so crooked, “-ing on it.” I croaked the rest of the sentence out.

“Yeah. So fun. Go figure,” Sam raised his eyebrows. They all have been here. Or at least heard of what is on there. Me? Nothing. Not a word. Now remember I said ‘I mean, it could be a kid’s puppet show towards us’? Ok. I changed my mind. Change it into: ‘I mean, it could be a kid’s puppet show towards us’ with a line crossing through all the words. Yep, looks good. As we landed, I wondered how to even beat these monsters.

“So. Anyone knows how to beat these baluegu ugligess monsters?” Jonah shrugged. I guess he made up a name faster than anyone else.

“No,” a simple reply came from the mouth of Veronica.

“Ahh. Well, we're doomed,” Jonah smiled. We walked towards a monster. It bared its fangs, ready to lunge at us. Wait. No, ready to run away from us. We took a step towards it. It took a step back. We took a step. It took a step back.

“You know what? Screw it,” I said, while throwing a fireball at it. But what I thought didn’t exactly happen. As the fire touched its skin, it started to grow. When the rest dissolved in his skin, he was at least two times as big as normal.

“Dang it. A smoursori. A creature that whatever the opponent tries to attack at it, grows more stronger,” Sam scrunched his eyebrows.

“So… They don’t attack,” I figured.

“Yeah, looks like they only take steps back,” Rey started nodding, “Last time I was here, monsters were swarming to kill me.”

“Then we just walk through it without any harm is what you are saying,” Jonah said.

“Uh, I think so,” Veronica shrugged the question off and started walking towards a dark, gloomy, cave.

“Wo, wo, wo, slow down there girl! We don’t even know where to walk! And out of three-hundred choices, you walk to a cave,” Sam waved his hand, back and forth, indicating that it was a bad idea.

“It’s the most obvious, ” She replied. Without a word, she kept on walking.

“Well, we can’t possibly leave her, can we?” Rey started to walk with her.

“I guess, ” I said, and also followed along. Sam and Jonah looked at each other and shrugged. Either two kids by themselves and the other three in a cave, or all together in a cave.

“Don’t blame me if we die!” Sam called after us. It looks like Rey and I are correct. The monsters are scared of us. Even though they know they will get stronger if we smack them on the face. After a few steps or so, the sand beneath us gurgled.

“Is this supposed to ha-” but Jonah didn’t get to finish his sentence. All of us fell in the newly made hole in the ground. At least, some of us. It seems like Jonah got the chance to teleport out of it, he quickly grabbed on to the nearest person. Which was me. Sam was too late to teleport, so he fell. But the ones without teleportation, then, um, I guess, sorry?

“Holy mi-timbers! I never knew there was a trap! Veronica! REY! SAM! ARE YOU HERE?” Jonah screamed to the now closed hole.

“Isn’t that for a pirate call?” I asked.

“We're on an island,” he made a good point. I found a near-by stick to poke the ground. Nothing happened, it was just like normal sand.

“Wouldn’t the sand fall on top of them?” I questioned.

“I don’t know, up to the guy who made this trap,” Jonah said, while trying to teleport into the hole, “I don’t think we can teleport in it, he must have made it so nobody can get in it.”

“Unless they fall in it,” I muttered.

“Do we continue the path? They might find us,” Jonah concluded.

“Maybe,” I said. I was thinking how they might get to us.

“Ahh, I think they will end up in the cave, so we might as well not waste our time here. We already know we can’t get inside it,” he thought.

“You know what? Yeah, let’s keep on going,” I finally said. We walked to the entrance of the cave. Apparently, there were three puzzles for the door to open. It was in our language. So no mortal can understand it. “Let me just - ” but Jonah was already gone. Within a second, he came back, “ Aha! This allows teleportation! Hold my hand!” I did as I was told. We teleported in the cave, and expected to find a ground. But guesses don’t always go correct. Instead, we found ourselves plummeting to our deaths.

Kind of. We landed (painfully) on the ground. It felt like my leg broke. I checked on it and tried to twist it.

“Owww!” I shifted my feet back.

“What?” Jonah asked, also looking in pain.

“My-my leg,” I stammered. Jonah inspected it.

“Wow. It’s broken, alright,” he said.

“Not helping,” I whined. Just then, I felt a cool, soft, and oily thing slither behind me. Slither. A snake. In an instant, I jumped off, ignoring the pain in my legs and screamed, “Ahh!SNAKE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”

“Shush!” Jonah hushed me, and picked up the snake. I watched in amazement as he held it up to his eyes and smiled. I realized the pain still running in my legs. I sat down. I heard more snakes slithering down the hall. You know, you can’t hear a snake slither on the ground. You can barely hear twenty snakes slithering. You can hear 100 snakes, though. Which is about as many as my eyes are looking at right now.

“Jonah???” I whispered

“Yeah?” He petted another snake.

“JOOonahhh.” I patted my heart. Snakes were scary to me. Your probably thinking I am not scared of a monster, but I am scared of a snake. Genetics.


“Uhm, you know how scary this is?”

“You know what? Let’s keep on walking.”

“In a situation like this? My leg is broken.”

“I will help you.” I reluctantly allowed him to pull me up.

“Oww?” I don’t know if that was a question or not, but if Jonah seemed to notice, he didn’t reply. He dragged me up and we kept walking. Well, one walking, other limping. As we neared the corner of the cave, we heard a gurgling sound. A certainly weird one. We turned the corner and saw a monster. It was big and buffy. Like a wrestler or something. The monster sniffed. It turned his head towards us. Uh-Oh. I felt like throwing up now. As it picked up a boulder, about to throw at us, I saw a rock beneath him slide up and a familiar voice came after.

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