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Chris Flame - Chapter 13

Updated: Feb 19

We just got to rest for, like, an hour, then we have to fight again! As I said, I need at least one day to get my power back! I couldn’t just go off to fight for a day, then rest an hour then fight again! At least give me a break, man! A talk with your sister, then get interrupted by a monster fight, which, the monster already dropped you off a one thousand mile waterfall!


  1. The Unknown Secret

  2. Secrets Revealed

  3. Capture the Flag

  4. Special?

  5. Six?

  6. Suspect

  7. Life or Death

  8. The Warning

  9. Wind Time!

  10. Fun Fall

  11. Smells Like the Ocean

  12. Baby Shark, Die, Die, Die, Die, Die

  13. Relax? No.


Chapter 13: Relax? No.

We just got to rest for, like, an hour, then we had to fight again! As I said, I need at least one day to get my power back! I couldn’t just go off to fight for a day, then rest an hour then fight again! At least give me a break, man! A talk with your sister, then get interrupted by a monster fight, in which the monster had already dropped you off a one thousand mile waterfall! I mean, they already did that, so why did they need to do that again?

“I’ve slept for one hour and now you're asking me to help you fight?” I huffed.

“Actually, two days at most,” Veronica said as if it was nothing.

WHAT?!” I exploded. That news meant that we had six more days. Yay. And we haven't even finished the first step, the tooth part.

“I told the others to not wake you up for dinner or lunch, because you saved their lives and you are tired so -” Veronica began but got rudely interrupted with a loud Bang! The ship turned sideways, making me hit the wall. I turned around to get off the bed but something pierced through my neck.

“OOWHCH! Hack? HACK! I thought you were gone!” I screamed, trying to recall the last time I saw him.

“What? I was making sure that I was in pristine condition before the next battle, and according to what I see, it is perfect timing for me!” Hack insisted. Don’t ask me how, but he didn’t make sense when he said ‘see’. Swords don’t have eyes (ask Hack about it).

Veronica and I ran upstairs to see the battle raging.

“So, you thought you were playing without me, huh?” I recognized one of the monsters: Orgos. The tooth was the first thing I thought of when I saw him. I ran towards Orgos with Hack by my side, constantly repeating DIE ORGOS! DIE! AHH! STOP PUNCHING MY ARM! Though I don’t know why Hack said that if he doesn’t have an arm. Hey, good vibes, Chris. I ran up to him, kicking his belly and throwing fire at him. I used my telekinesis (it has been two days, hasn’t it?) to pull him down so I could climb on his back.

“AHH! DUMB KID CLIMB ON ME BACK!” Orgos raged, while swatting his hands to get me off. But doing that was a mistake. That gave him exposure to Hack, which did a lot of damage to Orgos. He fell on his knees, clutching his belly, where Hack gave him a good, clean cut. I rushed to his mouth, sliced off one of his teeth, and ran. Good news: I got the tooth. Bad news: Orgos pushed me off board, screaming like a little baby.

“MY ‘EETH! MY ‘EETH! AWCHY! I MA ‘GZO OUU! SWHEW!” That made no sense to me, but I won’t push a giant with a missing tooth. I splashed into the water, and I tried to swim back, but unfortunately for me, there were water giants. Jeez, they must have prepared this like a year ago! None of the giants paid much attention to me. Only one. He threw an octopus at me. I used my telekinesis to stick the octopus on the giant’s face and make it squirt ink on it. The rest of the giants gave me space for me to swim through. A little.

“ ‘Scuse me, hehe. Ah, I think I have to go here- ah never mind. Hey giant! Stop pushing me!” I would say to them if they got in my way. Finally, I reached the top of the boat. What did the prophecy say again? Bring me the tooth from the one who stepped on Lisoom? Something like that. But give it to who? The guy who said it? We can try, I mean. I didn’t get to finish my thought when I saw Orgos back on his feet, trying to kill Sam. Orgos had gold arrows on his body. Sam’s bow, I assumed. I rushed to his side and saw Sam badly wounded.

“Get some rest! We will take care of these pests!” I ordered Sam. He nodded without a word, and left me staring at Orgos. “Let’s end it here, Big Tooth.” I sneered.

“THWES WEILL BE OOURT LASHHT CHANCH! I WEILL KEIWLTH YOUTH!” Orgos screamed nonsense, but it was kind of easy to understand if you did something to get him mad. I charged. So did he. Hack came back to me, which made Orgos consider who he was fighting before he attacked. Before Hack and I could hit him, he disappeared. I stopped in my tracks. I looked back to see Veronica, Rey, and Jonah about to slice or use their powers on air.

“Uhm. Guess what? Hehe, I got the tooth!” I tried to sound upbeat, holding the tooth in the air like it was gold. “Behold!”

“We almost died for that rubbish?! Hey, where is Sam?” Veronica raised her eyebrows.

“Downstairs, resting,” I yawned. “I’m tired.” They ignored me and went to see Sam. I guessed I wouldn’t be talking to anyone for a while. I sat on the chair, admiring the sea. The tooth was still in my hands. It didn’t look like much, but I knew the power in it. I felt it since I sliced it off Orgos. I felt a sensation, a power never known in a giant's mouth. Weird place to put it. Now that we got the tooth, we needed to find the Trail of Snakes, according to the prophecy. Snakes. Huh, who knows where that is? “I do,” a voice I heard too much came from behind. I saw Rey, looking at the sea, while his hands at his back.

I do what?” I mimicked his voice.

“Know where the Trail of Snakes is.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I’ve been there, though I swore never to go back there again.”

“Where is it?”

“It is called ‘Snake Island’.”

“Ha! That island on Earth? Are you kidding me?! That is only snakes! We could beat them easily!” I laughed. No problem! I will just ignite all the snakes with my fire! Easy part, next, kill the beast at, what, San? I had heard of the Snake Island at school in geography class.

“No. It is a cave on that island that only people like us can see. I was there. Trust me, I almost died.” He put his head down and replayed the part where he almost died. He sighed and shook his head.

“Does that mean the ‘see ones doom’ part?”

“Maybe. I better get some sleep, and so should you.” Then, without a word, he left. An ominous thought to think about, but I thought I knew where we were going next. Snake Island, in Brazil.

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