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Chris Flame - Chapter 12

Updated: Feb 19

It hurt! Falling from a 100 feet drop onto the water, yeah, that hurt. Do you know how it feels like when you get hit in the basketball on the head, at ten miles per hour? Yeah, it felt like that, but times 100 harder.


  1. The Unknown Secret

  2. Secrets Revealed

  3. Capture the Flag

  4. Special?

  5. Six?

  6. Suspect

  7. Life or Death

  8. The Warning

  9. Wind Time!

  10. Fun Fall

  11. Smells Like the Ocean

  12. Baby Shark, Die, Die, Die, Die, Die


Chapter 12: Baby Shark, Die, Die, Die, Die, Die

It hurt! Falling from a 100 feet drop onto the water, yeah, that hurt. Do you know how it feels when you get hit in the basketball on the head, at ten miles per hour? Yeah, it felt like that, but times 100 harder. Plus, it is your whole body. Your eyes get blinded, your face dies, and your body gets hit with a million rocks (is how it feels). That is the first thing you think of. Then the coldness, the water was freezing, it felt like getting hyperthermia, but that was only for like one minute.

Jonah looked unconscious, and Rey was gasping for air while trying to stay afloat. Me? I was trying not to die. The typical thing to do when you just fell into the ocean with a speed of 15 miles per hour.

“Help Jonah!” I managed a croak. We swam towards Jonah, trying to pull him out of the water and doing CPR on him. Even though it was hard on the water. Then I spotted a shadow under the water. Great, we had an unconscious kid, and we were freezing to death when a shark came to eat us. It was no regular shark, it was a baby shark. I would’ve thought it was cute if we weren’t in a situation like this. It sniffed at us, then charged at an amazing speed. Do you know those myths? Sharks only want to taste you, then leave you with a little bleeding leg? Well, not with this little boy. I used the rest of my power to put a barrier around us with my shield power. The shark's nose started bleeding when he slammed into my barrier. I pushed myself up, so I could breathe and see our surroundings. I saw nothing, but a waterfall, some rocks, and nothing but the ocean. The waterfall looked like the one that we fell off. Rocks, dirty water, yeah it must be. I didn’t see any sign of Veronica or Sam. Could they be together? Or maybe they also got separated. I looked back down to see the shark swimming around the barrier. I couldn’t hold the barrier much longer. It took all my strength out. Jonah must have teleported, but as he said, he couldn’t go such a far distance. So he probably got cut off at 99% with 1% more to go. Unless, there was another waterfall that looked just like that one. The barrier disappeared. I couldn't use anymore of my powers for like … uh … a day or so? But we don’t have a day or so. We have 10 seconds to react before the shark eats us alive –flesh and all. Jonah gasped and coughed, spluttering out some salt water in his mouth.

“Where-” Jonah then saw the shark, “-AHH! SHARK!” and he started splashing around, trying to escape. Yes, I know, you are asking why I am not helping. We have five seconds left before the shark eats us. Four. Wait. The time controlling power! I never used it, so I don’t know what will happen, but it was worth a shot anyway if we were going to die. I closed my eyes and concentrated. The time slowed. Was I slow too? Or was I normal speed, while others were slow? I opened my eyes. I splashed my arms in the water, and it was moving fast. The shark, Jonah, and Rey were in slo-mo. I slumped on the water, realizing it was water, not the ground. There has to be a way to kill that shark. I felt my power draining away from me. The time moved a little faster. I didn’t think of anything to kill the shark. My mind is only on my power. I was losing the battle. With a sudden jolt, I fell backwards, time back to normal. The shark charged. When it was just about to bite us with its huge mouth, an arrow popped from its nose. The shark gagged, grasping an imaginary cliff, about to fall to its death. The shark stopped moving, it seemed to say: I will have revenge on yoouuu. Then boom. Dead. The body sank down to the ocean, revealing warm blood around us.

“Will, - never … Do - Ah! - THAT … kuhh, AGAIN!” Rey croaked while trying to stay afloat and away from the blood.

“Who shot the arrow?” I didn’t need to say the full sentence before I understood. I saw, from half a mile or so away - a human - actually two humans, one holding a bow, and another waving at us. Veronica! Sam! Sam was holding a golden bow (sheesh, Sam!) and Veronica was trying to get a boat that popped out of nowhere to save us. Jonah looked relieved. Rey looked almost dead. I looked, well, me. Sam and Veronica came speeding towards us with the boat. At last, they arrived, looking happier than ever.

“Come on! Get on board!” Veronica jumped up and down excitedly, waiting for us to come. But then she saw our faces. “Oh, sorry. Sam! Help them up!” It took a little of Sam’s and Veronica’s strength and a little of ours to (finally) get us up.

“What happened to you guys?” Sam questioned us. He saw our weary eyes, and was about to say something but thought better about it.

“Come on, let's get them to bed,” Veronica led the three of us down to the lower part of the boat. Man! This boat probably cost a million dollars! There were ten cabins, each with fancy textures and beds. Add another half a million dollars to that. Five restrooms, a dining place, and even a pool with a waterslide. I mean, why would you have a pool and a waterslide if you have the ocean and a jumping board to jump in the ocean? Then again, you would probably smell awful in salt water. We three took a shower, cleaned our mouths, (yes, we did! … Hey! Our mouths had ocean water and shark's blood! Especially Jonah …) changed into our pajamas, and slept. The bed, surprisingly, was very comfortable, considering it was on a boat in the middle of the ocean. I got knocked out instantly.

I was standing in a familiar room, three couches, a big TV, some tables, and an exercise bike. To the right, there was a living room and some chairs. Not any living room. My living room. My parents were nowhere to be seen, though I wouldn’t expect them to be here on a Tuesday afternoon. We started on this quest … two days or so? That means we have eight more days until we get to the so-called ‘long-lasting feast’. A figure came down the stairs. I looked back. Eva jumped back in surprise to see me.

“Chris!” She said, while running to me.

“Hello, Eva, where is mom and dad?” I asked a dumb question.

“At work, why have you come here? What is happening now?” She asked. I caught her up on what is going on lately. She was a good listener. “So … you are sleeping now?”

“Yeah, in the boat's downstairs bed. Room 4,” I waited, “What powers do you have?”

“Ah. About that, I have the mind reading power, telling the future, telekinesis, teleportation, and a diamond bow. Similar to Sam’s, but more complicated. A lot of people are wondering why I have so many powers, ‘Five powers, Eva! You are crazy!’” She mimicked a student at the school.

“I have six, immune to fire, telekinesis, time slowing, shield, duplication, and firepower,” I sighed. Eva nodded. “So what … why … Why am I your bigger brother? What happened?”

“Long story, our parents sent me to school when you were a kid. And I was a smaller baby. Actually, we are 6 minutes apart. Our parents sensed something powerful about you, so they sent me away, to be careful. I went to school and was stated to be the youngest kid in school. So everybody went easy on me. The day before you arrived, mom and dad sent a message, saying I should leave, because they thought you would bring bad luck. But the moment they knew you were sent on a quest, they trusted you more. They told me it would be fine to come home and confront you in my dreams to tell you about me. I know, it was very weird, but it is true.” Eva recalled. I was silent for a moment, then I told her,

“I believe you.”

“We will meet someday again. I know we will. I can tell, ” her eyes looked more crystal, as if she was looking into the future. Though she was. Something bumped on my side, making me fall. “Chris! There must be something on the other side! The boat! Go! Leave! And take care!” Her voice got fuzzier, and I was back on my bed. Veronica came running down to my room and kicked the door open,

“Quick! Chris! Thank the gods you are awake! A group of giants we fought earlier is near our boat, trying to kill us!”

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