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Chris Flame - Chapter 11

Updated: Feb 19

First thought: No way! I have a sister! So cool! Second thought: What? Why? I never wanted a sister! Third thought: Mom! You never told me! Fourth thought: Wow. Fifth thought: …….

I was stunned to hear that. Eva nodded.


  1. The Unknown Secret

  2. Secrets Revealed

  3. Capture the Flag

  4. Special?

  5. Six?

  6. Suspect

  7. Life or Death

  8. The Warning

  9. Wind Time!

  10. Fun Fall

  11. Smells Like the Ocean


Chapter 11: Smells Like the Ocean

First thought: No way! I have a sister! So cool! Second thought: What? Why? I never wanted a sister! Third thought: Mom! You never told me! Fourth thought: Wow. Fifth thought: …….

I was stunned to hear that. Eva nodded.

“Mom told me I had a big brother, so I found you,” She sighed. I am your big brother? I asked.

“I know, it’s surprising that I am the little sister while you are the big brother,” Eva noted. I looked down. Our team was winning, but we couldn't hold that long enough. More and more monsters were coming. Can I go back to fighting? Then we can talk? I hoped the answer was yes. I needed time to take that in.

“Ok. Sure, I know your friends are in trouble, but the only problem is I don’t know how to make you go back. It was Darkness who got you here,” Eva concluded. I nodded. I saw my friends fighting, but getting tired. I looked back to see Eva concentrating on me. What are you doing? I asked.

“Trying to get you back. Wait. Almost. Don’t talk, Chris,” Eva warned me. Then I fell into the real world. Sam jumped back in surprise to see me at his feet.

“Chris!” My friends beamed.

“No talking. Time to fight!” I was relieved to see myself talking again. I shot some fireballs and blew some monsters out of my way. My friends and I felt a burst of energy and pushed the enemy to the cliff. Some monsters fell off the cliff, some hit the trees and lost consciousness, but most of them got killed with our powers and Hack’s professional slicing skills. One jumped at me but got shot with my fireball. Already, the small monsters had all died. We moved on to the big ones. They fought harder. We fought incredibly hard. While we were fighting, the giants came in. I know, right?! That’s not fair! A giant came at me. I shot him with a fireball, but nothing happened to him. The fire just bounced off him instantly. He got out his ax and threw it down with all his might. I jumped away just in time. I looked to my left to see the ax where I was standing a second ago. I used telekinesis to drop him off the cliff, but that just levitated him a little. He was too heavy. Pushing him off the cliff was kind of useless now, because too many monsters were there, so it was technically a ravine now. The giant jumped behind me to make my back face the cliff. I looked down to see the cliff with sharp edges and the other monsters' blood. But there were no monsters. No dead end down there. Just endless fall. My friends had to join me in pushing back all those monsters. The giant monsters must have had a greater IQ than the small ones. They all jumped behind their enemy to make them face the cliff. And, unfortunately, the enemy was us.

“We are not going to die like this,” I said bravely.

“Note that down when we are in heaven,” Jonah breathed heavily. With surprisingly fast speed, the giant pushed us down the cliff. My only thought: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! EEEE LLLL PPPP MEEEEE!

Very brave of you, Chris! I should be awarded the bravest, most powerful gift of all! A shoe! No, just kidding! You might be thinking, why would I joke on the verge of death? Simple answer: because I was not on the verge of death! I was on the verge of dying!

The rocks were ripping my shirt and pants, making it look like a lion had been clawing my meat forever. My hand flew around, desperately trying to reach a rock for support. My wish came true. Though it hurt a lot. I had to duplicate the biggest rock and keep on making it come down to me. Finally, my hand touched something slimy. The rock! With dirty water. The impact almost killed my arms, but I was still alive. Jonah caught my feet and Rey caught his. But Sam and Veronica were nowhere to be seen. I used the last of my power, using telekinesis, to drag us up on the rock. We lay there for how long, I don’t know. But it was a long time. The sky grew clearer and lighter. I slept on the rock and so did the others. When I woke up, my stomach was rumbling. The sun was already setting. Jonah and Rey were quietly talking a little behind me.

“-No! We must not leave them! We must find where they are and then go somewhere else,” Jonah was saying.

“What if they already found a safe place and went off to find us?” Rey whispered.

“Guys, I’m hungry!” I told them. They jumped in surprise to see me awake again.

“Yeah, sorry, I am too. We don’t know anywhere that has food,” Rey apologized.

“Hey, have I told you all my powers yet?” Jonah smiled.

“No, why?” I asked him.

“Fortunately, I have teleportation power, I never told you that, huh?” Jonah laughed.

“What are we waiting for? Teleport us to a million-dollar restaurant!” Rey urged him.

“Hold my hand, and let’s go!” Jonah put his hand in front of us. We took it. Instantly, it sucked the breath out of us. Then we could breathe properly. I opened my eyes (yes, I closed my eyes! I was scared!) and we were standing on a street, with a building in front of us.

“Mmm! The Purple Pig Restaurant! Yummy!” Rey ran towards the door. We trudged after him. We sat at a fancy table, and we ordered some food.

“Are we going to find Veronica and Sam? I am not telepor-” Jonah began.

“Shh! Not in public!” I looked around to see if anyone heard him. Apparently, no one heard.

“-ting such a long distance again,” Jonah continued.

“Maybe we just wait here, because if we go and find them and they go and find us, we would be on the opposite place of each other,” Rey chomped on his steak. Weird food to eat after a battle.

We ate in silence for some time until Jonah sighed, “Then how are we going to save them?”

“I don’t know, maybe I could ask Eva,” I stopped myself. I shouldn’t have told them that. They already have enough on their minds. But Eva might help find Veronica and Sam. They were probably looking for us now, not knowing where we are. If they even survived. No, Chris. Think about the positives. I could go back to my dream and plead for help. Even though it is not that easy.

“Who? Eva?” Jonah leaned toward me.

“I feel like you aren’t saying everything, Chris,” Rey eyed me suspiciously. I sighed and told them about my dream with Eva. Well, the warning and the-me-dying part and the rest of my creepy dreams.

“I bet you ten dollars that he has more to tell us,” Jonah said. I put out my hands for ten dollars. “Wait, what? Oh. Naw, bro. You have to have more to tell us.” But I could tell that Jonah knew I had nothing else to say. We finished our lunch, or maybe dinner.

“Wait, what time is it?” I asked a waiter.

“It is 6:42, sir,” the waiter continued walking to serve a customer.

“Already? Well, now what?” Jonah stepped outside the restaurant. Rey and I both stared at Jonah. “No way, man. I told you I won’t be teleporting such a far distance again!” But he took our hand anyway and teleported us there. I felt the same feeling when we teleported. Holding my breath, but at the last second I couldn’t breathe anymore, we teleported to where we were supposed to go. I felt for the ground, but there was no ground. I looked down. The ocean. Oh, Jonah! I said to go back where we were earlier! The rock! Not the air, falling towards the ocean!

“JOONNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH-” I got cut off with a splash, then another, and last but not least, me. I fell into the salty water with a rock-like impact, taking the breath out of me.

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