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Chris Flame - Chapter 10

Updated: Feb 19

Hello! I just got a million dollars! Nope, it fell into lava. That's what it felt like. Getting the wind capsule from fighting a million monsters, then surprised by a man that we had to fight.


  1. The Unknown Secret

  2. Secrets Revealed

  3. Capture the Flag

  4. Special?

  5. Six?

  6. Suspect

  7. Life or Death

  8. The Warning

  9. Wind Time!

  10. Fun Fall


Chapter 10: Fun Fall

Hello! I just got a million dollars! Nope, it fell into lava. That's what it felt like. Getting the wind capsule from fighting a million monsters, then surprised by a man that we had to fight. At least, that was what I thought we would have to do.

The man had a professional business suit with polished shoes. He was a tall man. Taller than any average human. He had these cool sunglasses on his face with a stern look. I was just about to say Hey man! You are on our property. Do you have any questions? No? Then goodbye! We are having a great time here. Please don’t ruin it. Shoo-shoo now. But I guess that was already on my friend's mind because Jonah was the first one to speak up.

“Hey, sir. You interrupted our meeting. Please leave.” Jonah shooed the man off. Seriously? Did he think that would do?

“Do you want help or not?” the man said sternly. That got my attention. So did the others.

“What kind of help?” Sam asked.

“A good kind of help. But you will have to do me a favor.” The man looked Sam in the eye.

“We don’t need that kind of help now, um, sorry.” I shuffled my feet.

“You will need it,” the man got out a piece of paper and tossed it to me. I read aloud, “‘Bring me the tooth from the one who stepped on Lisoom. Find the trail of snakes and see one’s doom. Go to the San and kill the beast. Then return in ten days for the long-lasting feast.’” I looked up to see the man gone.

“Life is so dramatic,” Veronica sighed.

“Agreed,” Jonah nodded.

“Now what?” Sam inquired.

“Figure out the prophecy or whatever that was,” Rey answered Sam’s question.

The one who stepped on Lisoom. I have a suspicion about that.” I told them about my dream.

“Why didn’t you tell us that earlier?” Rey put his hands on his hips.

“Isn’t that for girls?” Sam looked at Rey.

“Hey!” Veronica put her hands on her hips.

“Sorry?” I shrugged. I couldn’t say anything about that. I kept on thinking about what I told them. I would get them in more trouble. I didn’t want my friends to die. Not right when I need them most. They probably would get annoyed by me, so I didn’t say a lot. They kept arguing until Jonah clapped his hands.

“Alright, let’s find that swamp and kill that … uh what was his name? Aha! Oreo the giant!”

“Orgos,” I corrected him.

“Well! I stand corrected by a guy who has legs with a mind of their own!” Jonah smiled. Good joke, Jonah. Especially with such an unhappy situation.

“How do we find the swamp?” Veronica reminded us. Good question.

“Uh, Google Maps?” I answered. With that, Rey and Jonah both pulled out their phones.

“Hey! I was going to do it!” Jonah scolded Rey.

“Was not! I pulled it out first!” Rey protested. Sam, heroically, took out his phone and searched up ‘swamp’ on Google Maps. If we were in the 1950s, we would stay here waiting for something like Google Maps to be invented. (Wait was Google created then??? Hold on …. Yeah, Google said Google was developed in the year 1998. Which means we would have to wait 48 years. Ah. Never mind that thought).

“Aha! Here!” Sam announced, “Follow me, friends!”

“Remember last time we followed you?” Rey muttered under his breath, but he reluctantly followed. We passed cars, bikers, and walkers. I know, it sounds normal, but noooooo. Most cars looked normal, but some looked like alien heads –literally. Some of the bikers had humans as their bikes. So it looked like they were just kicking the human thigh. Some walkers had no mouth, no ears, and no body. Yeah, you heard (or maybe read) me right. No body. And then there was this monster. The ‘disgusting thing’ again. Good to see you, old buddy. When it saw me, it ran away. Story ended. Just kidding! This ‘disgusting thing’ was harder than the first one. Hooray! But it was still easy. It died anyway from my flame.

“Wait. How do we know if this swamp is correct?” I asked.

“Because Google Maps said it's not a thing, and there are no pictures.” Sam looked back.

“Then how is it on Google?” Rey threw his hands in the air.

“Because it’s a map,” Veronica responded. With that, they stopped talking. After ten minutes, we arrived. The smell. That is the first thing you would think of if you were here. Now, I can’t tell you how it smelled. Because it smelled worse than a … skunk. My friends must have smelled that too because their faces had been scrunched up. I scanned the area. Some trees had gross moss on them, and the water we were looking at was all brown with dirt.

“They should call a housekeeper,” Jonah mumbled in the dirty air. The monsters emerged from that insult. Hundreds. No, thousands. No, millions. No, billions. No, trillions. What number is after that? I should get better at math after this. The only problem (except for the bazillion monsters) was that there was a cliff. Yeah, yeah. I know. In cartoons, all the cliffs are short and are always a waterfall, and they always survive, and … you get the idea. But no. No. No. No. This cliff had millions of sharp edges and stinky water. Impossible to survive.

“Do we fight again? Especially in the dark?” Veronica gulped. I looked up and saw the sky dark. Weird, the sky was light like, a second ago.

“Yes. I believe so,” the voice of Orgos came from behind. They had already surrounded us.

“Veronica. Connect our two shields.” I nudged Veronica. She nodded in the dark, and we put up our shields.

“I don’t think this shield will help,” a monster pointed out.

“Yeah,” another monster laughed.

“They will never beat us!”




“SHUSH!” a voice boomed in the air. The monsters all stopped. “Attack them already!” I took out Hack and told him to kill as many monsters as possible.

“Ready, guys?” Sam shot in the air with his flying power. Then, it was all chaos. I got out my basic tool, a fireball, and attacked. I shot and dropped monsters off the cliff. Many came at me. The shield only worked for the small guys. Not encouraging. We fought back to back, fighting off monsters. A monster came at me, made of pure darkness. He gave me a feeling. A weird one. Then, darkness seeped through my body. My arms disappeared with darkness, and so did my legs. I shot a fireball, but it got sucked into the darkness. How? I thought. My body went limp. I fell to the ground. My friends gasped.

“CHRIS!” Rey screamed through the crowd of monsters. I tried to talk. Nothing worked. Not even my powers. It felt like there was a rock stuck in my throat. It was useless. Rey tugged on me. He kicked my legs. He slapped my arms. He said something, but I couldn’t hear it. I was dying. The world tugged me away from reality. Then I disappeared. I was falling from the sky. I saw the big fight from the top. I saw Rey, looking confused. He was about to slap me. But there was no me. I was gone. I was a ghost. But something is off. I thought. I could feel the air. I could smell the acid air. I could feel my face. I could feel, wait. I was falling. Then something rang a bell. The darkness man. He was the person making us go to the wrong place at the airport! He did it all! He was the one who put me in the air, falling to my death. But it was useless to know such a thing if I was going to die. 50 feet from the ground. 40. 30. 20. At about 20 feet, I got knocked out.

I know what you are thinking. Wow. Chris got knocked out by a soft, rubbery ball in the middle of a fall. And he made such a big fuss about it. Nope. Wrong thinking. I got knocked out. By my brain. HILARIOUS, CHRIS! No, not that. I meant that I went into a vision. What. Okay, let me tell you.

I fell (again) but this time, I couldn’t feel a thing. Nice, I am dead. The air caught me. I saw a room of teeth. Disgusting. They were all labeled with their owners' names. I looked for the name ‘Orgos’. There was too much to process. Each capsule had one tooth in it. I guess we would have to get Orgos’ teeth from his mouth because this place didn’t feel right. The vision shifted. I was in the air, looking at the battle. Rey was on his feet, fighting off monsters. I was nowhere to be seen. I must have disappeared again. All my friends had tears in their eyes. I wanted to scream, Guys! Look! It’s me! I am alive! Let me help you!

“You can't,” a voice I have heard before came behind me. It was the girl who gave me the warning. Who are you? I wanted to ask.

“Who am I? Well, I am your mother’s daughter, Eva Flame.”

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