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Chris Flame - Chapter 7

Updated: Feb 19

Never stay put when you are attacked by a bear. I mean, a bear is technically the same as a huge, meat-eating, metal dog. I realized that the dog (Augrusiance, whatever) also had metal claws.


  1. The Unknown Secret

  2. Secrets Revealed

  3. Capture the Flag

  4. Special?

  5. Six?

  6. Suspect

  7. Life or Death


Chapter 7: Life or Death

Never stay put when a bear attacks you. I mean, a bear is technically the same as a huge, meat-eating, metal dog. I realized that the dog (Augrusiance, whatever) also had metal claws. Perfect. From what I see, I will be roast beef at the end of this day. Augrusiance slashed at me, that thing was faster than Flash. Like, was this Flash + Sonic + everything that is fast 2.0? Augrusiance was fast, but (no offense), he (she maybe?) was lame at accuracy. Augrusiance only ripped my shirt so there was a claw mark on it. Lucky me. Then I realized something. My friends. I turned and looked back to see my friends frozen. Super perfect. My friends were frozen, Sam was a bad guy, I had to fight this Augrusiance, and I had to deal with this man sitting in the back, admiring Augrusiance.

“Great,” I muttered the second time today. I threw a fireball at Augrusiance, but of course, it dodged out of the way. That speed power, I hated it. I looked around. The man. Augrusiance. Frozen Rey. Frozen Veronica. Frozen Jonah. Not frozen, but bad Sam. Wait. If Sam was bad, then why was he good to me when we first met? Maybe he was making it a trap for me. No, Sam would never do that to me, or anyone. Maybe, just maybe, Grace was controlling him.

“Hack, I need you to defend me by attacking Augrusiance,” I whispered to Hack.

“Roger that, Boss,” Hack flew towards Augrusiance and hacked his way to hurt him. I thought, maybe Grace could only control one person at a time? So, if I duplicated Sam… Yes. That was it. Grace could only control one person at a time. So if I duplicated Sam one time, then the good Sam would help me. Sam could teleport and fly, so why not? As people always say, two is better than one! I duplicated Sam and he appeared just like the bad one. Except he was good.

“Bro! I’ve been stuck there waiting for you to think of that!” Sam stretched.

“What are you waiting for? Attack that dog!” I yelled.

“You better! I am getting tired!” Hack huffed. I looked back to see my friends still frozen. I then thought of something crazy that may put my friends’ lives on the line. Yes, I was known for crazy stuff. I hoped I wouldn't kill them.

“The real Sam, help Hack attack that dog!” I said. I saw Sam nod out of the corner of my eye, and I charged toward my friends. Here was a lesson. Never throw fireballs at your friends. Even though I did that and regretted it the second I did it, here is what happened. I thought of the dumbest plan on Earth, then I did it, Lastly, I set Veronica on fire.

“Oh. My. GOSH, Chris!” Veronica yelled from the fire.

“Sorry! Sorry!” I said while using telekinesis to take the fire away.

“Such a great team, ” the man sneered. Veronica shot him a killing look and I swear I saw the man flinch.

“Do you think Jonah and Rey will appreciate being set on fire?” I asked Veronica.

“Probably not,” Veronica said cautiously. I still set them on fire. Another heroic stupid thing I did to add to my Lame Stuff Chris Did book. But hey! I still got them unfrozen!

“Attack!” screamed the half-burnt Jonah. We all charged and attacked with all our might. Nothing happened. Not a single thing. Except for the fact that we were tiring ourselves out trying to attack with our powers.

“GREAT! We lost our power!” Rey said, slamming his foot on the floor.

“Kicking your foot on the ground is useless, Rey. Besides, the dog is about to eat you,” Sam reminded him. Rey turned his head to see a massive mouth with diamond teeth and smelly breath about to jump on him.

“Not a good way to die—oh my-” Rey was cut off by a loud THUNK! Even Augrusiance jumped back from that. So did the man. Now what I saw was … weird. Mutate. He came. Well, at least I think he was Mutate. The thing was nothing like Mutate. He had blue fur, two red eyes, sharp teeth, and a sword by his arm.

“Uhh, Mutate?” I asked. The thing stomped his foot. That must be the way to say: Yes! I am Mutate! The one and only! I have come to save you and your friends! The blue thing swiped his sword at Augrusiance and, surprisingly, killed him. The blue thing then stared at the man with deadly eyes.

“We will meet again, Chris Flame,” the man said coldly. Then, he disappeared.

“Well. That was friendly!” Jonah said enthusiastically.

“Super, ” Rey whispered.

“Now that problem is gone! Let's keep on finding our way out of here,” I perked up.

“Not. So. Fast.” Grace/Sam blurted out.

“Uh, Sam. Do you mind if we kick this other Sam out of here?” I asked.

“Be my guest, ” Sam smiled. We advanced on Grace. She used her power-draining thing on us. I hated her. Mutate realized that this was his chance. He charged and bumped Grace out of the window. She would have a good fall. I mean, who could survive a 500 feet fall?

“Ok! Done, let's find a way to get out of this place.” Rey heaved a breath. I looked back and saw Mutate gone.


“Now what?” Veronica said.

“Don’t ask me.”

“Chris is the one who started this.”

“Yeah, Chris!” They all looked at each other and laughed. I breathed out a sigh of relief. It was good seeing my friends feel happy again. Especially after what happened today.

“Let’s take a break in the forest over there,” I pointed towards the forest nearby. It was midnight (according to Jonah’s watch) when we got to the forest. I told Sam to grab some sticks so I could get a fire going and Veronica to get us some food in the nearby shop with the money I gave her. About twenty minutes later, we were all laughing and eating by the campfire.

“Let’s sleep here for the night. I will take the first watch,” I told them. They all nodded in agreement and in a matter of minutes, they were all sound asleep. I looked out for monsters, hoping nothing would appear and kill me. Hours passed but nothing happened. I just looked at my friends to see them sleeping soundly. I heard some birds but nothing else.

Finally, Veronica woke up and patted me on the shoulder, “Chris, I can take a second watch. You need sleep for tomorrow.” I nodded and laid down on our make-shift bed made out of leaves. I stayed awake, trying to sleep but I couldn't. Veronica saw that and walked over to me.

“Chris, you need rest. Go and sleep. I can take care of everything now. No need to worry,” Veronica whispered.

“Ok, if you say so,” I whispered back. I tried to stay awake and not listen to Veronica, but my tiredness betrayed me. In a jiffy, I started to sleep.

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