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2042 - Mini Chapter 2


A typical Saturday was a normal Saturday. Nothing like aliens coming to knock on your door and break open your secret stuff. I always wonder about what it will be like in the 2040s. What will it be like? Diamond planes, going at the speed of light? Flying cars? Do humans look different? I don’t know. But it is interesting to think about. But 2022? Nothing fun. Normal cars on the ground made of metal, metal planes, flying at the speed of nothing, yeah. Nothing much to see. My parents think that I overthink. They say that I should just focus on school and nothing else. I mean, who would focus on school if you can concentrate on the year 2040? No logical sense. Though my parents used to say to always be logical. They broke their own rule. As I walked downstairs to eat lunch, I saw Mom talking on the phone. She was talking about some Amazon stuff and how bad our internet is. I ignored that and went to eat my Mcdonald's meal. It was an average Mcdonald’s meal, the world’s best fries, a hamburger, and a small jug of milk. As I ate, I thought of 2040 again. But my mother told me something I didn’t catch.

“Huh?” I asked her to repeat what she said.

“I said school is tomorrow, so make sure you finish your two-day homework!”

“Mmmh-hmmm,” I responded. After lunch, I went upstairs to find my homework on my desk. It was asking me about prime numbers and composite numbers. Easy homework. Near the end of the work, I heard a noise. A very weird one. In fact, it sounds like an alien throwing up. I turned my head to see a boy around my age. He had this skateboard in his hands and a weird plate.

“Hi! My name is Jason. So you must be a boy from the 2020s huh? Well, how does it feel to see a 2040er?”

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