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ZOOM! I flew on a flying saucer to the mall to buy some extra flying wings. As I neared a corner, I saw a cat flying faster than a car. This is a normal day for us. Not any day like you can imagine. I zoomed off towards the nearby mall: Super Malla Mall. It was a nice place to shop for goods. I saw a man flying with his Tesla 2.0. My parents only gave me 10,000 to buy the wings. In the old times, we would count this money as a lot. But nowadays, this is like a penny to us. I walked into the mall. There were tons of shops and goods in this mall. It looked much bigger than what it looked like outside. Now day technology. I thought with a grin. I went into ‘Un-expensive wings’ and bought a fine-looking wing. It had gold on its back and leather on the front. I gave the man 10,000 dollars and flew home. I had to stop for a charging station because my saucer was low on electricity. The door swung open automatically when I walked into our home. “Jason! Your home so early!” Mom looked at me closely.

“But … isn’t that better?” I asked. She shrugged.

“Anyway, you have school tomorrow, so get ready for it,” Mom smiled. I groaned. Why would she smile in such an inconsequential situation? I ran upstairs. My door opened and my robot dog came running in. His name is Bob. Not a really interesting name for a robot dog, I know. But what else can you do? I heard our house's door open and it beeped: “Erin”. Erin was our dad's name, but no one calls your own dad by their real name do they? But then I heard my mother scream. This man may not be our Erin. A troll maybe? I heard Bob bark. But I was scared to death. My heart was beating. I looked outside my window. I saw three men in black suits, holding weapons. That means I can’t escape from the window. Then, I heard the man in our house stomp up to my room.

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