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Sell at our community


May, 2022

Sell at Community

Before the Summer break, we tried to have a group selling in the community, 2 boys are in 1 team, and in the end, we are even on sales. Everyone enjoyed the selling and enjoyed talking with neighbors. 


JUN, 2022

Sell at Books-A-Million

We had tried selling at the gate of books-a-million after we asked permission from the manager. 

Customers are very supportive, and we had great sales on the day!

Sell bookmarks at Books-a-million
Met nice customers in Atlanta


Jun, 2022

Sell at Atlanta

I traveled during Summer of 2022, and my parents brought me to different places to sell bookmarks. We had met wonderful people, and they all supported us greatly, which encouraged me to be more confident about this business.   ---   Chris S.

Kids with Capes
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