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Kids Food Truck

About Us

Our business started in our school Stan C. and Patsy Stanley Elementary .This business was started by three friends who love to read lots and lots of books. Reyansh, Chris and Jonah together started our own business called BOOKMARK LEAGUE. As school started we talked with each other and we found out that the three of us all loved reading and we read all the time. And an idea came to create our own cool bookmarks to inspire us and others to read.   At first we all wanted to become kind of rich from this business, but then we thought of all the hungry kids that needed our help, and so we made our company non-profit so that we could donate all our profit money to help them get food.. And so our business is also there to inspire people to also donate to organizations that give their money to help buy hungry kids’ meals. 

Meet The Team


Our Mission

Our mission is to succeed while benefiting the world with a noble cause.. Our company is a non-profit organization. All the sale proceeds, after realizing the costs, will go to

 We aim to learn as we grow.  We also hope that our company will grow even more. As we grow. Happy Reading!

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